Content is the Kingdom

What do you want to achieve with your content? Who are you targeting, and what actions do you want them to take once they engage with your content? Without clarity and focus, your efforts will provide minimal benefits. 

Let's look at an example in the customer journey:

Your potential customer is getting ready for a trip to Vegas in the summer. They google “things to do in Vegas,” “tips for packing,” “sightseeing tips Las Vegas.”

They reach your site via Google search and start reading your article.

Once they’ve finished reading the article, they notice your CTA related to the product you’re selling.

Because you have earned their trust by offering something that’s not explicitly related to promoting your product, they decide to click through.

They find your product(s) useful = sale. - or-  They don’t need your product(s) right now = no sale, but they like your content so they sign up for the newsletter (giving you the chance to capture the sale later on).

Content should be about entertaining or informing others; not about sales.

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