Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (Business Owners)


Do you handle all the Vendor calls?

Absolutely!  Not only do we work with your current vendors, but you can also send all those annoying cold calls you are getting daily to our number.

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What Digital Marketing Services do you Manage?

We will source and or manage Digital Marketing Vendors that supply SEO, SEM, SMM, Social Media Posting, Content, Bulk Email, Websites, GMB Management, Videos, etc.


Do you renegotiate my Agreements?

We will benchmark your agreement against what services are being provided and work with your vendor to lower their rate if it is not market-competitive.


Can we hire you to do our Digital Marketing?

Although we have extensive experience in providing these services in the past, we have pivoted our company to provide professional management of these services instead of offering them.

In certain cases, we will agree to bring on a complete team to manage all of your programs.


What do you charge for your services?

Our pricing is based on workload and services needed.  Our clients find that the savings and increased business they get through contracting with us more than pay for services.

For a detailed quote or discussion, please feel free to set up a 1:1 no-obligation consultation.


Do you require a long-term agreement?

Our standard engagement is 90 days and then it becomes month to month with 30 days notice.


Do you provide reporting?

We provide monthly reporting to highlight the most important KPI's.  We also analyze the reports from your vendors to ensure they are tracking the proper metrics.

What is the Vendor Portal?

We search for the very best vendors to help accomplish your goals.  Our Vendor Portal allows vendors to easily create a profile to highlight their services and experience.  We thoroughly vet all registered vendors.



Frequently Asked Questions  (Vendors)

Is there a charge to Vendors for this service?

Absolutely NOT!  We are paid by our clients to Source and Manage their Digital Marketing Vendors.  We will never accept commissions or referral fees.


Does your company offer Digital Marketing Services?

We have extensive experience in all facets of Digital Marketing, yet we do not offer these services to the majority of our clients.  They hire us to find the best and then help manage them.  We are not competing against you, we are helping you.


How does my business become Verified?

Once you create your profile we will start the vetting process.  We will give you a call to learn about you and your business and then call a few reference clients.  Upon successful vetting, we will give you a Verified Profile status.


Can I refer you to my clients?

We have found that most reputable vendors prefer working with a Vendor Relationship Manager.  Our services take away your client's doubts about whether what they are paying for is working or not.  We would love the opportunity to earn your referrals.


Will I still have contact with the Business owner?

You will continue to have an open line of communication with the business owner, but general communications, reports, contracts, etc. will flow through us.  


Is this site searchable?

Currently, our portal is only open for our existing and new clients.  At some point in time, we will open it up for outside companies to search for verified Ve